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  1. JoJolar

    Use whatever you have at hand to hit the bear in the face. Black Bears: If you are attacked by a black bear, DO NOT PLAY DEAD. Try to escape to a secure place such as a car or building. If escape is not possible, try to fight back using any object available. Concentrate your kicks and blows on the bear's face and muzzle. If any bear attacks.
  2. Febei

    When focusing on teaching your dog to play dead, praise your dog each time you see him lying on his side naturally. After a day or so, add a word cue like “Sleep” when you catch your dog resting and praise your dog just because he’s wonderful. If the whole playing dead thing seems a [ ].
  3. Zulujinn

    Your hands push through a muscular sphincter in its gullet and into a looser space, all fleshy folds and thick slime. You feel your hands start to tingle and know at once where they are, not that you needed that clue. You're on your way down a bear's throat. There's only one place to end up. Only a minute ago you flopped down to play dead.
  4. Akibei

    Jul 27,  · The Walking Dead: Our World is the official AMC mobile game of The Walking Dead. Discover the apocalypse your way in Our World - the groundbreaking AR game that brings the Walker apocalypse from the hit AMC TV series straight into your living room, front yard or wherever you want to play/5(18K).
  5. Shabei

    Asok: Hi-ho, marketing people! I've been transferred into your department until mky brain heals. I drank some industrial sludge. But don't worry - I'll be able to shake it off in a few days. A little pollution can't hurt me. I grew up in India. This brain worm will be dead in a week, tops.
  6. Mulabar

    School for Lesbian Subs Ch. 03 Both forearms into the shake position. 'Play dead!' Flat on our backs with all four legs raised in the air. 'Roll over!' Roll onto our bellies. And one by one we had to 'fetch' a small rubber ball in our mouths on our hands and knees. School for Lesbian Subs by.

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